Although never intended as a commercial studio, Ryddingwood has enabled me get involved with a number of interesting projects from solo artist recordings to recording two ‘indie band’ albums. It is where I create many of my sound effects and, from time to time, even manage to make a bit of music myself.

The aim was to create a space where artists and writers could come to work on projects without the pressure or expense of many commercial studios, as well as being a place where I could also write and create (though I don’t seem to get much time for that!)

This ‘bijou’ studio comprises a separate treated live room (I’ve had a 4-piece band in there but only just!!) and control room divided by a glass door to allow eye contact with the artist.

It is Logic Pro Audio based utilising RME audio interfaces and a Yamaha 01v96 desk. Mic preamps are Universal Audio 4-710d Mic and Joe Meek VC1.

Mics include Neumann BM 104, SE Gemini 5, SE Electronics V1 Ribbon Mic, AKG C3000, Drum mic set as well as various dynamic and condenser mics (including Shure MX412 super-cardiod which are great on instruments and group voices)

Available instruments include an upright Collard & Collard piano, 88-note weighted midi keyboard, Acoustic & Electric guitars, as well as various percussion and controller instruments.

As I don’t intend Ryddingwood to become a regular commercial studio I only accept projects based on how interesting I think they will be (and whether I have the time to enjoy them) but if you are in the area and would like to chat about any ideas you’d like to realise, feel free to contact me and we can take it from there.